About us

Set up in 2018, Cahill Clothiers was named after my late mother, Erin nee Cahill.

The ethos behind Cahill Clothiers is to help men regain the pleasure of shopping surrounded by classic clothes from higher end European and international brands.

"The shop is a collection of things that we like and wear on a daily basis. We don't just sell clothes, we are passionate about them."

The kind of men it caters for, are those who like to mix boutique items with high street fashion, and those who want a more personable retail experience.

My primary focus is quality so I’m going for classic styles which don’t go out of fashion, that men want to buy all year round. 


My vision is to bring pleasure back to clothes shopping, which I feel has become a bit of a chore for men.


I believe Cahill Clothiers can cater to everyone from students beginning their first serious job to retired men who still endeavour to look good - without being too trend-led.

I simply want to do my own thing and hopefully bring some of the passion I have for clothes to customers. 

Don Black